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What Makes A Website ADA Compliant?

Just in case you are not aware, ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act and this act was made to protect and render fundamental rights to the people with disabilities. A very important part of this act makes it mandatory for Federal and local bodies to arrange equal opportunities and facilities. This includes their right to access the Internet as well and here, it is anticipated from websites to be ADA compliant websites.


There are several specifications mentioned in the rule books that a business has to follow to make an ADA compliant website. This kind of websites has become important from the business’s point or view and from the viewpoint of digital marketing too, because Google algorithms prefer ADA compliant websites during a query.


Find an ADA agency

  • To get an ADA compliant website, the first thing required would be ADA compliance website services and an agency that holds specialization in these services.
  • Upon short listing some of them, you can simply ask about their take on an ADA compliant website and what steps they can take to address this accessibility issue.
  • Similarly, if you own an e-commerce website, you can ask the shortlisted agencies about the plan or the strategy they use to address issues pertaining to accessibility.
  • In terms of finding a reputed agency, it is important that you focus primarily on those having experience with the various tools that assess  a site’s accessibility.

Audit Your Code

  • The next step in terms of creating an ADA compliant website involves auditing the entire website, including the images, texts, graphics and most importantly, the code as well.
  • The experts from the chosen agency will use different tools to audit the entire website and most importantly, the codes to trace out the areas, where accessibility issue is major.
  • The result of this audit will give them a clear idea of how and what and how much to work in order to convert a general website into an ADA compliant website.
  • At this point only, the overall expenses related to making an ADA compliant website would get clear and the major part of this expenditure will be related to setting up the server.
  • Then, some other factors too will influence the expenditure like the tools involved and the type of platform your website uses and lastly, the configuration too.

Once things have been finalized, the experts of ADA compliance website services will start working on the project and ensure that all the changes are made in the best possible manner. Using their experience and their access to tools and techniques, they will attempt to create a website that would put a positive impact on the overall user-experience of people with disabilities.

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