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How To Market A Law Firm In 2020?

As far as law firm marketing is concerned, the rules are almost similar, but then, there are some important factors that make digital marketing for law firms different from general digital marketing. The website is a very crucial factor here and experts say that the time that a user spends waiting for the page to load (2 to 3 seconds) is very crucial. The fortune could change entirely in these 2 to 3 seconds, but for this, the law firm website design has to be extremely user-friendly.

Here in this post, we will learn about some important features that should be present in the law firm’s website to help in marketing pursuits.


  • With people switching from laptops to mobiles rapidly, it has become the need of the hour to have a mobile-friendly website and in fact, Google too prefers picking websites that have responsive web design.
  • The reason is that more than 70 percent searches and queries come from smart devices and under these circumstances, if the website is not mobile friendly, it’ll surely lag behind in the competition.

Easy-to-Locate CTA and Contact Button or Page

  • A very crucial marketing tool is the CTA button and if you don’t have it in the website, the "Contact Us" button/page should be very easy to find.
  • While determining its place in the law firm website design, the formula of 2-3 seconds should be kept in mind and this is why, experts of law firm marketing services recommend having a CTA button on every page.
  • This CTA button should give users options of calling, sending message, sending email and sending an instant message because this would allow users to contact the website admin very easily.
  • In the "Contact Us" page, all the methods of contacting the lawyer should be mentioned like there should be an option of sending messages, calling, emailing, instant message and even address for visit.
  • Then, for marketing purposes, you can even mention the profile Ids and handles of different social media platforms so that potential clients get more options to use to get in touch without any delay.

Transparent Appearance

  • The aspect of transparency will help a lot in terms of law firm marketing services and here, "transparency" means, staying honest with the clients.
  • This would include showing honesty, but strategically while dealing with online reviews, complaints, concerns, etc.
  • You need to have a 100% true story in all aspects, whatever your law firm website features, to create a strong sense of loyalty.
  • This would also mean requesting your past and present clients to post their honest reviews about your work and professionalism on your social media platforms.

Jargon-free Content

  • To keep audiences on the website for longer periods, the law firm website design should be absolutely free from any technical terms that they could not understand.
  • This means keeping the content absolutely free from any jargons of the law industry and imparting information that they want in the simplest way and of course, attractive as well.
  • The logic here is to think not like a lawyer, but like a client and then deciding the content, queries, etc. that they could understand easily to click that CTA button.
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